Health Professional Student Association provides a wide range of resources to help bridge a student’s full educational experience and build a diverse doctor workforce. It’s our aim for resources to always be free or low-cost to students in support of our mission to see all students maximize their chances of admission to medical school, regardless of background and financial capacity. 

Premed Planner App

As the requirements for medical school continue to rise and become more competitive, the Premed Planner App was developed to help all students maximize their chances of a successful medical school application. To help you track your progress while preparing to apply to medical school, the app provides: 

  • Application Process Overview
  • Premedical Course Timeline 
  • Volunteering, Shadowing, and Clinical Experience Expectations
  • Ability to Log and Track Hours
  • Success Stories from Underrepresented Minority Students & Those from Underserved Areas

Plan your path to medical school – get started today by downloading the app! was born out of a desire to meet the ever-growing healthcare needs across the country, especially those in response to COVID-19. Our goal is to provide a free and easy way to connect students and physicians with additional work opportunities. These opportunities can be volunteer, temporary, or full-time, and can be short term or longer term locum tenens positions. 

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We also invite employers to post available opportunities – it’s simple and always free. Hire moonlighters by completing the registration and posting your opportunities